Karl Urban wanted for "Aquaman"

Karl Urban wanted for "Aquaman"

Karl Urban starring in TV's "Almost Human".

24 Jan – "Dredd" star Karl Urban may be up for a role in Warner Bros.' upcoming DC movie, "Aquaman".

According to the Latino Review, the studio is currently eyeing the New Zealand actor for an unspecified role, which many are speculating to be the antagonist. If these talks come to fruition, Urban will see himself in a role opposite Aquaman, playing the villain.

The movie's lone confirmed cast at the moment is "Games of Thrones" Jason Momoa, who will be leading the movie as the titular character himself.

Jason Momoa will star as "Aquaman" (Photo source: es.paperblog.com)

There is also word of directors currently vying for the director's seat, namely Jeff Nichols and Noam Murro. Nichols is well known for writing and directing critically acclaimed 2012 movie, "Mud", whereas Murro has experience working closely with "Man of Steel" and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" director, Zack Snyder.

Warner Bros.' last DC movie was Snyder's 2013 "Man of Steel", which opened at number one in North American cinemas on 14 June. In Malaysia, the movie made USD6.3 million while in Singapore, it collected USD5 million. Worldwide it made a total gross of USD668 million.

Warner Bros. is set to release "Aquaman" in 2018.

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