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Local film industry needs drastic changes

Writer: Ashraf Nasser

Dato' Mohd Khusairi urges local filmmakers to improve on film quality.

27 Nov – National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) chairman, Dato' Mohd Khusairi Abdul Talib, has voiced his concern over the local film industry.

Considering it to be at a critical level, the FINAS chairman said that the industry is in need of drastic changes from the quality side of things rather than quantity.

"Only ten percent of the RM700 million ticket sales collection is from local movies, another RM630 all come from international movies," he said to Bernama.

Most local filmmakers seem to not care about the issue, he added, resulting in the audiences slowly losing their faith in locally-produced movies.

Audiences nowadays are keener on evaluating the quality and value of a movie, hence the reason why filmmakers should be taking the proactive steps of improving their movie quality in terms of technology, storyline and promotion.

The FINAS chairman hoped that more local filmmakers will emerge from the younger generation who will be able to contribute creative ideas that will help boost once again the quality of local films.

(Photo source: Perak Today)

Cinema Online, 27 November 2015