MBO Cinemas introduces Actuator seats in East M'sia

MBO Cinemas introduces Actuator seats in East M'sia

MBO Imago Mall has two halls equipped with Actuator seats
and Auro 11.1 3D sound system.

16 Apr – Almost 6 years after MBO Cinemas' first venture into East Malaysia, it has now opened a second Bornean outlet, this time located in Sabah.

MBO Imago Mall brings a new concept with it as it introduces the Actuator seats in two of its eight cinema halls. Currently only available in another location, MBO Citta Mall, the special seats vibrate with the sound of the movie and gives a more immersive experience to the cinema patrons.

Paired with the brand new Auro 11.1 3D sound system which provides three layers of sound that simulate the most natural 3D acoustics, MBO Imago Mall's Hall 1 and Hall 2 transport moviegoers to a whole new level of movie enjoyment.

It is the second outlet to utilise the audio technology after Kuching's MBO The Spring Mall.

CEO of MBO Cinemas, Lim Eng Hee, giving his welcome speech.

MBO Operation Director Mariam Yazmin El Bacha tries the
traditional dance during the opening ceremony.

CEO of MBO Cinemas Lim Eng Hee revealed during MBO Imago Mall's official opening ceremony yesterday that MBO Cinemas will soon have 191 screens in 26 locations nationwide.

"We expect to open an 8-screen cinema in Sungai Petani, Kedah, by July," said Lim.

MBO Operation Director Mariam Yazmin El Bacha added that there will be renovations and expansions done in both Kuching and Kluang this year, the former to be expanded with two more halls and the latter with four.

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