No Bruce Lee in "Ip Man 3"

No Bruce Lee in "Ip Man 3"

Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon".

2 Apr – "Ip Man 3" has fans looking forward to the collaboration of Donnie Yen and Mike Tyson, as well as the appearance of a computer-generated likeness of Bruce Lee.

Unfortunately, the Bruce Lee part might not happen after all; the estate of the legendary martial arts star is pressing charges against Pegasus Motion Pictures for unauthorised usage of Lee's name, likeness and story in the upcoming action biopic.

"To state it in no uncertain terms, BLE intends to seek all remedies available to it to stop Pegasus from including the computer-generated version of Bruce Lee in "Ip Man 3"," said Bruce Lee Enterprises (BLE) COO and general counsel Kris Storti to The Hollywood Reporter.

BLE asserts full ownership of any rights related to Bruce Lee.

BLE asserted that it has undisputed ownership of all intellectual property rights and worldwide rights related to the late actor.

Even though Bruce Lee's brother, 66-year-old Robert Lee, is working as a consultant on the film, BLE contended that "Robert Lee does not own or control any intellectual property rights associated with Bruce Lee".

BLE has begun legal proceedings and the matter is now handled by lawyers. Originally slated for release in 2016, the film might be facing a change in plan now.

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