Osman Ali does not mind 18 classification for "Jwanita"

Osman Ali does not mind 18 classification for "Jwanita"

Pengarah "Jwanita" director, Osman Ali, anticipates responds from audiences.

9 Sep – Director Osman Ali has no qualms about his latest movie, "Jwanita", receiving an 18 classification from Malaysia's Film Censorship Board (LPF).

"The producer and I have no qualms about it because if I wanted to make this movie suitable for all ages, I would have to cut many of the scenes and this could affect the storyline," said the director during the movie's premiere at GSC Nu Sentral, KL Sentral yesterday.

This being his second horror movie, Osman Ali admitted he was elated for having been entrusted with the project after eight years of not directing any movie under the horror genre.

The cast, director and producer of "Jwanita".

He was also full of praises for the cast, which includes Bront Palarae, Maya Karin, Cristina Suzanne, Umie Aida and Marsha Milan, for their commitment in portraying their roles.

He revealed that the movie utilises a lot of blood, namely synthetic blood imported from abroad. "The movie uses a lot of blood, so we used imported synthetic blood or fake blood because of its texture that is very similar to real blood."

With the usage of the synthetic blood as opposed to ketchup-made fake blood, the actors were able to give an authentic expression of playing with real blood, he added.

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