Tun M leaves big impact in "Kapsul"

Tun M leaves big impact in "Kapsul"

Tun Mahathir (right) with Faizal Hussein in "Kapsul".

24 Aug – Producer Amru Najmi Osman believes that the participation of former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (Tun M) in the late Martias Mohd Ali's movie "Kapsul" will leave a big impact on the movie's overall ambience.

"I initially laughed at Martias' idea. I didn't know why he was adamant to get Tun M [for the film]. But now I realise that Tun M leaves a lasting impression. Moreover, because of his long run as Malaysia's most successful Prime Minister," said the producer to Utusan Online.

Amru Najmi, however, thought that it was unfortunate the late director Martias Mohd Ali was not able to see his finished movie, where Tun M will appear in five scenes with main actor, Faizal Hussein.

He then revealed that the production at first failed to get Tun M to act in the movie. The former premier later accepted after taking a look at the movie's first draft.

The producer also expressed his surprise at seeing the level of commitment shown by Tun M during the filming. The 90-year-old did not stick to the original script, improvising instead with his own dialogues that proved to be more precise and impactful than the written dialogues.

Amru Najmi stressed that the movie has no political sentiment. It focuses on the Malays' struggle for independence and Tun M's participation was only to complete the storyline as it is based on the Wawasan 2020 time capsule buried by the former Prime Minister at the Millennium Monument in Putrajaya.

"Kapsul" opens in cinemas this 17 September.

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