"Polis Evo" collects RM2.5 million in just 4 days

"Polis Evo" collects RM2.5 million in just 4 days

The cast, director, producer and crew of "Polis Evo".

22 Sep – Ghaz Abu Bakar's action film, "Polis Evo", managed to collect RM2.5 million after just four days of showing in the cinemas, proving that local audiences still have faith in the quality of locally-produced movies.

Vice President and Head of Astro Shaw, Najwa Abu Bakar, stated that "Polis Evo" has now become the new benchmark for local movies.

"What's special about "Polis Evo" is the storyline is the original idea of three young men, Joel Soh, Kyle Goonting and Anwari Ashraf, who all received scholarships from Astro," said Najwa.

"The involvement of youth like them is a breath of fresh air. It inspires the younger generations to be involved in the filming industry."

Meanwhile, Shaheizy Sam, who plays Inspector Khai, also expresses gratitude for the success of his latest movie.

According to Sam, he and the whole production team have given their best in producing the movie and it was worth their while when it received a very encouraging response from local audiences.

"Polis Evo" follows Inspector Khai and Inspector Sani (Zizan Razak) who have very different personalities but soon learn to put their differences aside when they have to work together to defeat a drug trafficking syndicate.

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