Ridzuan Hashim to star in Hong Kong movie

Ridzuan Hashim to star in Hong Kong movie

Ridzuan Hashim often portrays a gangster in movies.

6 Oct – "KL Gangster" actor Ridzuan Hashim revealed that he has accepted a movie offer from a producer to play the role of a gangster in an upcoming Hong Kong production.

However, the actor will still have to go through audition before he can secure the role.

"For the movie, I have to play a gangster who speaks three languages, Thai, Burmese and Cantonese. It's quite a challenge but I will still give it a try," said Ridzuan, as quoted by mStar.

The 51-year-old also said that he has been approached by several overseas producers to act in their movies. He, however, did not reveal more as these are still in the early stages.

At the same time, the actor denied rumours saying that he often spends his time at night clubs. The rumours sparked after a photo of him with controversial actor Fara Mendoza and her friend Carmen went viral.

He explained that he went to the club for a work meetup with an international producer and while he was there, two women, whom he did not recognise, asked to take a picture with him.

(Photo source: betterangelsnow.com)

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