Shaheizy Sam: "I would love to do a biopic!"

Shaheizy Sam: "I would love to do a biopic!"

Shaheizy Sam posing at the "Rembat" press preview recently.

1 Oct – Shaheizy Sam has played a variety of roles throughout his solid movie career – serious, comedic and even romantic roles – you name it!

However, the actor has confessed to Cinema Online that while he would "love to do any sort of roles", the one role that he really wishes he could try next is that of a biographical one.

"I would love to do biopic," said Shaheizy Sam at the press preview of his latest film "Rembat" at Cathay Cineplex, eCurve recently.

"Because you are acting as someone who existed or still exists in this world, so you have to learn how they speak, their mannerism and everything else," he added.

Despite having played so many different roles before, Sam said that he has never acted in biographical films.

"All this while, I've been working on fictional characters where I have to use my own creativity to know how this person might talk, think or react towards something, but acting as someone else who exists- you have to follow exactly as the way they are, so it's a different kind of challenge for me," he said.

Sam's upcoming film is, "Rembat" directed by Shamyl Othman, where he plays an avid local football fan, Malik, who goes on a hilarious road-trip with Chin Chye (played by Ah Niu), another fan of the local football team – as both of them are on a mission to catch the final football match between Malaysia and Thailand.

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