"Star Wars" theme park at Disney parks

"Star Wars" theme park at Disney parks

Disney is bringing more "Star Wars" to their parks.

6 Feb – Chief Executive Officer of Walt Disney, Robert Iger has updated investors about the entertainment company's plans for a Star Wars themed park that will soon be another major attraction at their Disney parks.

"The plans are ambitious, so it's going to take some time for them to be built and opened," said Iger.

Variety reports that Iger will announce the specific plans later in 2015. He also mentioned that whatever new attractions that will be announced, will all be based on future films of the series, as well as its spinoffs.

"Fairly soon, I'm sure we'll be ready to go public with some specifics. But it's safe to say that you'll see a lot more 'Star Wars' at Disney and at Disney parks in the near future," said Iger during an interview with Bloomberg Television.

Disney will be organizing several high-profile events this year. These events could be also be used as a platform to announce some of Iger's ambitious plans for the theme parks.

First up will be the "Star Wars Celebration" and Disney's version of Comic-Con, which will be happening at the Anaheim Convention Center this year.

Then there will be a "Star Wars Day" which will be happening this 4 May 2015. Not to forget the long awaited day where the seventh "Star Wars" film, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" will finally be shown at cinemas this December.

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