Tedd Chan worried about acting with Jeana Ho

Tedd Chan worried about acting with Jeana Ho

"Who's Your Daddy" co-stars Tedd Chan (left) and Luke Loke.

7 Dec – It is quite the norm for actors to improvise instead of sticking fully to the script, as is the case with Luke Loke and his acting method for the comedy movie, "Who's Your Daddy".

Co-star Tedd Chan laughingly revealed to Cinema Online, during the movie's press conference at TGV Cinemas 1 Utama, that the actor improvised so much that his every take is different from the script.

"This caused a continuity problem. It's because he can't remember [the script]," Tedd joked.

Luke admitted he is the type of actor who often improvises when he acts, especially for comedy movies. Tedd, on the other hand, said that he is more straightforward and will follow the script exactly.

When asked if they ever fought with each other or anyone over a woman, like their onscreen personas Mark Gao (Luke) and his nephew Xiao Hui (Tedd), both only shook their heads and replied, "We're good people."

Tedd Chan (left) as Xiao Hui and Luke Loke as Mark Gao.

Both Luke and Tedd, who are also involved in the music industry, however, have different answers when asked to pick between movies or music.

"Doing movies is easier for me," said Luke, while Tedd answered, "Singing is easier. In fact, I am now concentrating on my job as a vocal teacher."

Talking about their co-star Jeana Ho, Tedd admitted that he was concerned at first about acting with the Hong Kong model-actress, who plays his love interest. He was worried that she might have a different acting culture on set since she is not based locally. However, he soon found that there was nothing to worry about as everyone got along swimmingly.

Jeana Ho and Tedd Chan in "Who's Your Daddy?".

Directed by Singaporean writer-director Boris Boo, the comedy movie also stars Chelsia Ng as Orange a.k.a. Hei Long and Lau Leng Leng as Granny. Malaysian Singapore-based actress Yeo Yann Yann also makes a cameo as a tycoon's wife.

In "Who's Your Daddy?", a hopeless pair of uncle and nephew decide to sell their sperm for money. When both fall for a woman named Shuna (Jeana Ho), who becomes pregnant after visiting the sperm bank, they are determined to find out which of them is the father of the child.

There movie currently has no release date in Singapore but it is slated for release in Malaysia this 10 December.

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