Zahiril Adzim excited for "Juvana 2"

Zahiril Adzim excited for "Juvana 2"

Zahiril Adzim accepts "Juvana 2" offer because there was character development for Daim.

29 Sep – Lead actor Zahiril Adzim has admitted that he is excited for the release of his upcoming movie,
"Juvana 2".

Even though the actor was initially worried of the audiences' perception since his character Daim is no longer relevant, considering that the juvenile status is no longer appropriate for him and his gang of friends, he eventually agreed to star in the movie after the production team decided to expand on the story, which will now focus on the friends after their release from the rehabilitation centre.

"I have already informed the director of this earlier. If my character Daim doesn't go through any big changes, I will not be accepting the offer.

"But Alhamdulillah, they understood my request for a better character development. Hence the reason why I accepted the offer," said Zahiril, as quoted by Utusan Online.

"Juvana 2" picks up after the events of the first movie, 2013's "Juvana", where Botak and Ayam have been given early release due to their involvement in saving the civilians during a riot.

Apart from Zahiril, the cast members include Adam, Johan As'ari, Hasnul Rahmat, Pekin Ibrahim, Shera Aiyob, Riki Rikando, Khairul Mohamed and more.

"Juvana 2" will be released in cinemas this 29 October.

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