Zizan Razak denies Jozan's disbandment

Zizan Razak denies Jozan's disbandment

Zizan Razak will not bother with the gossips about him.

4 Nov – Actor, comedian and host Zizan Razak has denied rumours of Jozan's disbandment.

Jozan, the comical duo made up of Zizan himself and fellow comedian Johan, is still together, according to the "Polis Evo" star. The two just haven't appeared together for a while due to both being busy with their own careers.

"Jozan has never disbanded. We just haven't had the time to get back into action as we are both busy with work," said Zizan to Astro Gempak.

He added that both he and Johan have plans for Jozan, though time hasn't been on their side.

Meanwhile, the "Cicakman 3" actor said that he will not bother with the rumours and speculations saying that his win at the Super Spontan All Stars has returned him to form after previously being caught in several controversies.

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