Adi Putra feels pressured by "Hanyut" role

Adi Putra feels pressured by "Hanyut" role

Adi Putra is proud he was chosen to act in "Hanyut".

14 Oct – Having been adrift and awaiting release for more than four years, it's understandable that actor Adi Putra is relieved that his movie, "Hanyut", will finally be screened in Malaysia this 24 November.

"It's a relief for me because the movie has been delayed for too long," said the actor at the recent launching of the giant "Hanyut" poster at AnCasa Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur.

"But it's finally confirmed to be released and everyone who has been looking forward to it doesn't have to wait much longer."

Talking about his involvement in the movie, Adi, or also known as Mohamed Hadi Putera Halim, said he received the call from U-Wei himself to come for the audition and a week later found out that he has passed it.

The "Kl Gangster" actor admitted that he was proud to have been chosen by a renowned filmmaker to play the role of Dain Maroola.

At the same time, the 35-year-old felt pressured during the filming of the movie after finding out that the role was originally meant to be played by multiple award-winning actor, Eman Manan.

"What pressured me was trying to figure out what did director U-Wei want from my character. After being told who the actor they originally wanted for it, I became nervous."

Adi, however, said that he took the approach of getting to understand who U-Wei is first before trying to develop his character Dain.

"Hanyut", which has a production budget of RM18 million, stars Diana Danielle, Datin Sofia Jane, Bront Palarae, Peter O'Brian and more.

The movie is based on Joseph Conrad's novel "Almayer's Folly".

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