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Cars from "Fast & Furious" featured in "KL Wangan"?

Writer: Ashraf Nasser

Pekin Ibrahim is proud that his upcoming film is getting all the support thus far.

26 Aug – Filmmaker Pekin Ibrahim had just made a film about bike racing, but now he is making one featuring cars for his next film, "KL Wangan".

What's even more interesting about his new film is that cars from the past "Fast & Furious" films might also be making an appearance in his film.

"Insya-Allah, perhaps some of the cars used in the "Fast & Furious" films will also be featured in this film," he was quoted as saying to Harian Metro.

The director of "Mat Moto: Kami Mat Moto Bukan Mat Rempit" also expressed his gratitude that he had gotten sponsorship from international car manufacturer, Volkswagen, for "KL Wangan".

"People see me as someone who gets whatever he wants. The fact is that I have been working hard with my team and we have gone back and forth to meet sponsors," he explained.

Among the Volkswagen cars that will be featured in his film are the Golf R, Gold GTI, Beetle and Passat B8 models.

Added Pekin, it wasn't easy to earn the trust of Volkswagen, so when he finally got it, it was a great honour for him.

With this, Pekin says that he will work hard in making sure that his film is on par with Hollywood standards as he has plans to bring the film overseas.

The RM5 million budgeted film stars Faizal Hussein, Kazuto Soon, Jasmine Suraya, Emily Lim and of course, Pekin himself.

(Photo Source: Layan JerDotNet)

Cinema Online, 26 August 2016