Daniel Wu accepted "Warcraft" for wife Lisa S.

Daniel Wu accepted "Warcraft" for wife Lisa S.

Gul'dan in the "Warcraft" movie is portrayed by Daniel Wu.

3 Jun – Daniel Wu recently admitted that he would not have accepted the offer to star in the upcoming movie, "Warcraft: The Beginning", if not for his wife, supermodel Lisa S.

As reported on Singtao Headline, the actor, who appeared at the press conference to promote the new movie in Beijing alongside co-star Paula Patton and director Duncan Jones, revealed that it was Lisa who wanted him to do the movie.

He admitted that while he never played the game, Lisa did so for many years.

"When she gave birth to our baby, I promised my wife that I would take a year off to take care of her and the baby, during which they approached me for the role," said Daniel.

The actor continued, "When she heard that it was a "Warcraft" movie, she said, "You have to do it! You have to do it!", so I quickly said yes to the offer."

Daniel, who plays the orc warlock Gul'dan in the movie, stated that he had no problem being unrecognisable and ugly in the movie, saying, "It's boring to see my own face every day."

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