David Teo apologises for his P. Ramlee comment

David Teo apologises for his P. Ramlee comment

David Teo said that he was misinterpreted.

12 Jul – Film producer David Teo has come forth to apologise over his recent Tan Sri P. Ramlee comments for which he says wasn't meant to be an insult to the late film legend.

"As a producer I really do admire all of his works. I always advise artistes and filmmakers under my company to be disciplined and knowledgeable so that they won't fall victim to scams and people who would want to take advantage of them," David was quoted as saying in Utusan Online.

The head of Metrowealth Pictures (MIG) said as such after his previous statement was allegedly misinterpreted by a local portal.

Before this David had said that he wants his team at MIG to forget about being glamourous and focus instead on being millionaires. He then used P. Ramlee as an example to avoid saying that the late star had lived only at Bukit Bintang and had not lived the end of his days lavishly.

The statement had immediately garnered a backlash as many netizens voiced their dissatisfaction over the matter.

President of the Artiste Association of Malaysia (SENIMAN), Zed Zaidi had also quickly lashed back on the comment which he says is rude and had asked David to make an apology.

In his apology, David said that he had never meant to insult the work of P. Ramlee and he had apologised to the family of the late star and the local scene who had felt hurt by his previous comment.

(Photo Source: David Teo Instagram)

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