Fans not happy with "Willy Wonka" prequel

Fans not happy with "Willy Wonka" prequel

Willy Wonka was the late Gene Wilder's most iconic role.

21 Oct - The purple-clad eccentric chocolatier is making his return to the big screen!

Warner Bros. has acquired the rights from the late Roald Dahl estate to make a brand new "Willy Wonka" movie, according to Variety.

This will not be a mere reboot as the new "Willy Wonka" is said to be a standalone prequel that revolves around the eponymous chocolatier and his early adventures.

"Willy Wonka" will be produced by David Heyman, who is previously responsible for the financially-successful "Harry Potter" franchise.

Instead of being a sweet deal, however, news of the prequel has caused outrage among Gene Wilder fans.

The late actor, who died in August from complications of Alzheimer's disease, famously portrayed the iconic role in Mel Stuart's 1971 classic "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory".

"We don't need a third Wonka movie. Especially since Gene Wilder just died!" and "There is only one Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder" were some of the messages that have been flooding social media ever since the news was announced.

Looks like whoever dons the purple coat next will be subjected to some bitter, unsweetened welcome.

Johnny Depp would probably know a thing or two about that since his portrayal as the chocolatier in Tim Burton's 2005 "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" wasn't received well either.

Wilder deemed the 2005 movie "an insult", so maybe the world really isn't ready for more Willy Wonka movies, prequel or no prequel.

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