Thai actress Aom stars in China-Malaysia production

Thai actress Aom stars in China-Malaysia production

Aom (second from right) with the cast, director and producers of "Haunted Road 2".

7 Jun – Thai actress Sushar Manaying, also known as Aom Sushar, is happy to star in the upcoming horror movie co-produced by Malaysia and China, "Haunted Road 2".

The 28-year-old plays a woman named Bai Ling opposite two male leads, Malaysian actor Teddy Chin and Chinese actor Leon Li.

At the movie's press conference held recently, Aom revealed that she finds the project exciting despite having to face the challenge of speaking in a different language, since she has to speak fully in Mandarin to play her role.

Though the Thai-Chinese actress has nothing to worry about as director Ryon Lee is full of praises for her, saying that she fully understood the script and was able to catch up quickly despite the language barrier.

The Thai star may not be fluent in Mandarin, but she still managed to nab the leading role due to her popularity in not only her own country but also China and Malaysia.

Aom holds a bouquet of flowers given to her by her Malaysian fanclub.

Aom made her big screen debut in 2009 and has since acted in many Thai movies including starring in several remakes of South Korean movies.

She is currently in Malaysia for the filming of "Haunted Road 2", working alongside other cast members including Chinese actresses Mary Song and Muse Nee, the latter who previously acted in the first movie, the 2014 Chinese horror thriller, "Haunted Road".

The upcoming sequel is set to be filmed in two versions, one for the China market and another for foreign market.

"Haunted Road 2" heads for the big screen in April 2017, in time for the Qingming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day.

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