Hugh Jackman's final "Wolverine" film may be R-rated

Hugh Jackman's final "Wolverine" film may be R-rated

Hugh Jackman may reprise his role as Logan for the last time in "Wolverine 3".

18 Feb – 20th Century Fox has teased "Wolverine" fans that the film could be R-rated following the recent success of "Deadpool".

Word came about when Comicbook reported that 20th Century Fox revealed the news at Toy Fair 2016 from the pamphlets given out. An imgur user posted a picture of the pamphlet that clearly states the release dates, director, casts and anticipated rating.

A photo of the pamphlet given out at the Toy Fair 2016 by 20th Century Fox. (Photo Source: Comicbook)

20th Century Fox's "Kingsman: The Secret Service" was also another R-rated adaptation that proved to be a success at the box office, grossing over USD400 million worldwide, but it could not compare to the "Deadpool" opening weekend take.

Despite the claims, this does not mean the movie will definitely be R-rated, as principal photography has yet to take place.

The studio has plenty of time to make up their minds between now and March of next year when the movie releases.

The "Wolverine" films has been rated PG-13 for over 15 years, however banking on an R-rated story could open new doors as to the storyline.

There are predictions that Jackman's final mutant film will be based on the Old Man Logan story and most fans have already grown past the age of the R-rating admittance.

This looks to be another massive success as the Australian actor mentioned that he will only commence on set when the script is sure to be a success, as he wants to leave on a super high note.

The "Wolverine" sequel, which will be Hugh Jackman's last, is set for release on March 2017.

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