Jackie Chan reveals the story behind his English name

Jackie Chan reveals the story behind his English name

Jackie Chan with the cast of his new movie, "Bleeding Steel".

9 Aug – Jackie Chan recently shared the origin of his English name with his Australian fans, a befitting audience for his story since it was the country where he first got his name.

As reported on CRI News, the actor, who attended his first public talk in Sydney titled "Jackie Chan in Conversation", revealed that he first came to the country, to Canberra to be exact, at the age of 13 with almost zero understanding of the national language.

Jackie said that his father used to leave him at the shopping mall with some money for food before heading off to work. Since he hardly spoke any English, Jackie stated that he would often use hand gestures and facial expressions. Sometimes, he would even stay hungry for hours.

"That's when I decided that I could no longer go on and needed to learn English," said Jackie.

It was at his first school in Canberra that his teacher decided to give him an English name, 'Steve', as his original name Chan Kong Sang was hard to pronounce.

However, he later changed his name to Jack – one that was given to him by a Taiwanese man he befriended and who found him a job at a construction site.

"The owner of the firm asked him what my name was, and since his own name was Jack, he called me Jack as well," said Jackie.

He later added the "ie" at the end after being told by a Feng Shui expert that it would bring him better luck.

The actor is currently in Sydney filming his new movie, "Bleeding Steel".

(Photo source: SBS Australia)

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