Next "Long Long Time Ago" sequels set in 80s and 90s

Next "Long Long Time Ago" sequels set in 80s and 90s

Jack Neo wants to direct more "Long Long Time Ago" films.

6 Jun – Singaporean director Jack Neo previously mentioned that he would like to continue shooting more "Long Long Time Ago" movies since the first two movies were able to achieve great success in Singapore and Malaysia.

"Since there have been many requests from the public, we are considering on making the third and fourth films," said Jack Neo, who is also the director of the successful "Ah Boys to Men" series.

"But if you asked me, I would definitely want to do more because I only did two films and the story hasn't ended yet. I feel like I need to complete the whole story so that everyone can see the whole 50 year development of Singapore," he added.

The cast pose with their director. (L-R) Ryan Lian, Mark Lee, Jack Neo, Aileen Tan and Benjamin Tan.

Jack Neo also said that there is no plot planned for the future instalments, but he is deciding to tackle on the 80s and 90s era for the third and fourth parts, thus continuing the timeline of the first two "Long Long Time Ago" movies.

"We wanted to show how the lives of the people and society changed throughout each decade. How people were before the existence of today's technologies like smartphones and tablets," said the director.

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