MBO Cinemas unleashes a revamped cinema in Johor

MBO Cinemas unleashes a revamped cinema in Johor

Cafécito will set to please your coffee taste buds from espressos to milkshakes and light snacks.

29 Nov – MBO Cinemas has recently re-launched their cinema at KSL City Mall, Johor after some renovation works and gave it a much needed facelift. The cinema being in operation for over 6 years is now equipped with new additions and facilities to further enhance the experience of moviegoers.

In addition to that, MBO had also introduced their very own café named 'Cafecito' to moviegoers to create a relaxing and soothing environment to lounge around the cinema area.

Representatives of MBO Cinemas along with the representatives of KSL City at the relaunch event.

MBO Cinemas Director of Operations, Mariam Yazmin El Bacha said that the renovation project took four months to complete and the main aim for it is to provide a more comfortable cinema experience for audiences.

Mariam Yazmin, during her speech before the MBO KSL Reborn event.

"As you can see, we renovated the area to be more spacious and had created several elements such as a waiting lounge with sofa sets to ensure the audience have a good experience both in and out of the cinema."

"In addition to that, we have also replaced the seats of eight cinema halls to leathered seats and also improved our surround sound system including adding the Auro 3D sound system in Hall 8," added Mariam.

A ramped walk-way for the ease of disabled moviegoers.

The pathway to the cinema hall at MBO KSL City JB gets a facelift with a new design.

All the halls get their fair share of renovation which includes leather seating.

Mariam also said that MBO Cinemas takes extra care of the disabled community and has included several additional features in a bid to create a more disabled-friendly environment.

Cosplayers clad in their Iron Man and Batman costumes was also present to woo moviegoers.

This would mark the second MBO Cinema that got an upgrade, with the first one being MBO The Spring, Kuching. In addition to this, there will be two more cinemas that will be revamped which are MBO Setapak Sentral and MBO Subang Parade.

Both of these cinemas are expected to be unveiled before the Chinese New Year celebrations next year.

Meanwhile, the relaunch was also further elevated by few other activities such as Cosplay and singing and dancing performance by famous local singers, Xiao Wei Wei, Hana, Miau Miau, Ayandha Number and Jeryl Lee. The event also saw to the charity screening of the film "Prodigal Son".

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