"Mekamato" is Animonsta Studios next animation after "BoBoiBoy"

"Mekamato" is Animonsta Studios next animation after "BoBoiBoy"

Chief Executive Officer, Nizam Razak also directed "BoBoiBoy: The Movie".

9 Mar – Animonsta Studios is the local animation company that is behind the "BoBoiBoy" television series that sparked a phenomenon among the children in Malaysia and overseas.

Recently, they came up with their first feature film titled "BoBoiBoy: The Movie" which has been running in cinemas since March 3 and many film local film reviewers had given praise towards the animated film which has collected more than RM2 million so far.

Not relying too much on one animation, those at Animonsta are now planning to come up with another animation titled "Mekamato" soon.

This is a draft of the latest animation by Animonsta Studios, "Mekamato" exclusively revealed to Cinema Online.

According to the CEO of Animonsta Studios, Nizam Razak, their latest animation will be different from "BoBoiBoy" as they will bring it straight to the big screens.

"Actually we have not revealed any details regarding this to the public because we plan to make an official announcement next September."

"However, for our latest animation we are taking a different approach from "BoBoiBoy" where we will introduce "Mekamato" through its feature animated film right away," he explains.

Nizam added that they will plan to adapt it into an animated series for TV only after releasing the film.

In the meantime, Nizam says they have plans to penetrate a wider market in Asia by 2020, and the first step is to achieve the target has already started with the famous animated series, "BoBoiBoy" which has now been translated into English, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin.

Apart from that, the local animated television series, "BoBoiBoy" is also shown in 45 countries worldwide, while the movie is now showing in Malaysia and Brunei and will be released in Indonesia this 13 April 2016.

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