TGV Cinemas collaborates with Satin Skinz as location partner

TGV Cinemas collaborates with Satin Skinz as location partner

During the ribbon cutting ceremony at Satin Skinz @ TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid.

28 Sep – TGV Cinemas and local health and beauty product company, Satin Skinz, have come together as location partners, now identifying TGV's Sunway location as Satin Skinz @ TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid.

"Global surveys show that cinema advertising leads to about eight times more total brand recall, because of the very engaged audience," said TGV Cinemas Head of Marketing Services, Celeste Koay, to Cinema Online at the launch of the event yesterday.

Congratulating Satin Skinz for recognising the vibrancy of the cinema audience, Koay added TGV hopes to see more brand collaborations in the future.

Satin Skinz's brand design at the Sunway location includes pillar wraps, wall and door adverts as well as the amenities at the cinema. Product sampling will also be held at the designated counter, set up at the entrance of Luxe, for the next few days.

Celeste Koay (right) with Sukhbir Sidhu, TGV Cinemas Head of Media and Corporate Sales.

The counter located next to Luxe.

Satin Skinz branding at the TGV cinema.

Speaking to the husband and wife team who founded the homegrown product company, co-founder Iskandar stated that a total of approximately RM1 million was spent on the location partnership for a period of six months.

He also revealed their reason for picking Sunway Pyramid as its first location, saying that not only does it fit the targeted youth demographic, it also holds a special meaning to both co-founders as it was where Iskandar asked for Mizatuladha's, also known as Mimi, hand in marriage.

Established in January 2014, Satin Skinz has been making waves in the country and beyond local borders.

Future location partnership with the product company as well other brands are still in discussion and yet to be confirmed by TGV Cinemas.