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Legendary to catch live-action "Pokemon" movie

Imagine Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, but live-version.

13 Jul – Gotta catch 'em all! And looks like Legendary Pictures is close to catching the biggest of them all – a live-action movie adaptation of Nintendo's "Pokemon".

The media company is striking a deal for the rights to make the live-action version of the movie based on the popular game from Japan, according to Deadline.

No other info has surfaced at the moment, apart from Max Landis ("Chronicle") possibly penning the script for the movie.

News of Hollywood trying to catch a deal for the movie was first reported back in April, with Legendary in the lead. Things went quiet for a while but looks like interest in the movie is renewed after the booming success of smartphone game app, "Pokemon Go".

While "Pokemon" has been adapted to the big screen – and as animated TV series – since the late '90s, it has yet to receive a live-action adaptation until now.

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