"Power Rangers" will feature another iconic villain

"Power Rangers" will feature another iconic villain

Goldar (right) will be appearing in the big screen reboot of "Power Rangers"!

10 Oct – If you happen to see the first trailer for "Power Rangers", part of the footage worth mentioning here is the remarkable appearance of Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa.

Now, here's the all-important question: Is Rita Repulsa the only villain in the upcoming movie version?

Fortunately for the die-hard fans out there, director Dean Israelite has confirmed at the New York City Comic-Con, according to Hypable, that Goldar will appear in the "Power Rangers" movie as well.

Goldar is, of course, known as Rita Repulsa's second-in-command and has featured in the "Power Rangers" (a.k.a. "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers") television series since the pilot episode back in 1993. In the series, the character was played by Kerrigan Mahan.

The Goldar character also appeared in the 1995's version of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie".

Apart from the new info surrounding the appearance of Goldar in the "Power Rangers" movie, Israelite also revealed that this iconic villain will be seen in the upcoming teasers and trailers.

Whether or not the new Goldar will be featured via motion-capture performance or entirely in a costume with heavy make-up remains to be seen. And most of all, will the Goldar sport a radically different look just like Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa? As of now, only time will tell.

"Power Rangers" arrives in cinemas on 23 March 2017.

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