Rajinikanth's "Kabali" will be dubbed into Bahasa Malaysia

Rajinikanth's "Kabali" will be dubbed into Bahasa Malaysia

Almost 80 percent of "Kabali" was filmed in Malaysia.

19 Feb – One of the most anticipated Tamil films awaited by Rajinikanth fans, "Kabali" will see the star agree to dub the language of his latest film to Bahasa Malaysia.

"Now we are in the preliminary auditions which would be for the dubbing. We have identified four talents and now we are in the process of selecting the best."

"After the filming of "Kabali" in the recent days that it is completed (in Malaysia), we will leave for India for the dubbing process together with Rajinikanth and other actors," said the producer together with the official distributor of "Kabali", Datuk Abdul Malik Dasthigeer.

Abdul Malik added that Rajinikanth was thrilled when told about the dubbing of the film.

He also said "Kabali" will be watched by millions of fans in and out of the country following the filming that was almost 80 percent done in Malaysia.

In the meantime, Abdul Malik also said that his team has plans to dub the film to Bahasa Indonesia depending on the reception of the citizens there.

"Kabali" is a big budget Tamil film that had cost RM60 million to make.

Apart from Rajinikanth, the film also stars local actors Datuk Rosyam Nor, Norman Hakim and Zack Taipan.

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