"Redha" took more than two years to finish

"Redha" took more than two years to finish

The cast, producer and director of "Redha".

4 Apr – Director Tunku Mona Riza revealed that she took two and a half years to complete her first movie, "Redha", since she had to do research on autism.

"Initially, we faced difficulties when we did not receive cooperation from relevant parties. However, after we explained what we wanted to deliver to audiences, they agreed and cooperated well.

"In fact, to build Danial's character, we spent almost two years with two families with autistic children," said the director at the gala premiere of "Redha" at GSC Pavilion KL recently.

She added that most of the people in this country is still deeply unaware of autism and often gives a bad perception towards individuals as well as families that face the problem.

Hence, through "Redha", she hopes that the public will begin to realise or understand more about autism.

Inspired by true events, the movie follows the life of a husband and wife, Alina and Razlan, that turned upside down in facing their true reality of raising a special needs child after finding out that their son is autistic.

The movie stars Namron, Nadiya Nisaa, June Lojong, Remy Ishak, Ruminah Sidek, Harith Haziq, Izzy Reef, Susan Lankester and more.

"Redha" opens in cinemas on 14 April 2016.

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