Paris-based company picks up Dain Said's "Interchange"

Paris-based company picks up Dain Said's "Interchange"

Prisia Nasution and Iedil Putra star in "Interchange".

13 May – Dain Said's third feature-length movie, "Interchange", has been picked up by Paris-based distribution company, Reel Suspects.

The company now has the international rights to the movie while in North America its sales will be represented by XYZ Films.

"It's rare to find good thrillers from Malaysia, especially one that masters sci-fi elements with supernatural and noir," said Reel Suspects CEO Matteo Lovadina, according to Screen Daily.

"We hope buyers will appreciate the astonishing cinematography that really puts a stamp on Dain's established directorial vision."

The movie is set to be a follow-up to Dan Said's second movie, "Bunohan" – released in Malaysia in 2012 but made its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2011 – his more successful multiple award-winning movie, as opposed to his 2007 directorial debut "Dukun", a horror movie that never officially received a release date in Malaysia.

"Interchange" is Malaysian independent film production company Apparat's first co-production with Indonesia.

It tells of a man named Adam (Iedil Putra), a forensics photographer who is dragged by his best friend, Detective Man (Shaheizy Sam), into an investigation of a series of macabre ritual murders in the city. Adam soon befriends Iva (Prisia Nasution), a woman on a mission to rescue the souls of the people in her tribe that have been trapped inside a glass plate negative. The tribe's spirit, Belian (Nicholas Saputra), takes on the form of a human in order to help Iva.

"Interchange" is slated for release in Malaysia sometime this year.

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