Sharifah Amani rejects being named Orked for her new Japanese film

Sharifah Amani rejects being named Orked for her new Japanese film

Sharifah Amani refuses to use the name Orked as she had already used it in two of her previous films.

17 Mac – Actress Sharifah Amani reveals that she had rejected her character to be named Orked as suggested by a Japanese production for her latest film, "Pigeon".

"The production had earlier on wanted to name my character Orked. The character of Orked is seen in "Gubra" and "Sepet" as directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad and it is still remembered in the country."

"However, I rejected it and asked for another name. In fact, they also suggested Yasmin's own name for the character," she tells BH Online.

The 30-year-old says the name of her character is yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, Sharifah says she will play the role of a maid to an old man played by a famous Japanese actor.

Representing Malaysia, "Pigeon" is one of the chapters from the "Asian Three-Fold Mirror" omnibus film project whereby the two other chapters are productions representing Cambodia and the Philippines.

Besides Sharifah's involvement, "Pigeon" is directed by Isao Yukisada and stars Masahiko Tsugawa and Masatoshi Nagase.

The film will also be shown at the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival this coming October.

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