Win a trip to "Star Trek" 50th anniversary convention

Win a trip to "Star Trek" 50th anniversary convention

Will you be the one to enjoy the "Star Trek" trip?

14 Jul – One lucky TGV Cinemas Movie Club member is about to go where no other local fan has gone before – the official 50th Anniversary of "Star Trek" Convention in Las Vegas for free!

Yes, maybe other local Trekkies have gone there before but they surely have not gone there without paying out of their pockets (unless they can teleport).

So here is the chance for "Star Trek" fans to be the one to win the once-of-a-lifetime opportunity. All they have to do is purchase advanced tickets of the upcoming movie, "Star Trek Beyond", between 14 - 20 July 2016 from TGV Cinemas.

They must, of course, be a TGV Cinemas Movie Club member.

After purchasing the ticket, simply submit the entry at TGV's official website and answer one simple question.

This will truly be an exciting "away mission", as it was revealed by Celeste Koay, Head of Marketing Services of TGV Cinemas, that tickets for the convention have fully sold out!

"We are immensely happy to secure one ticket exclusively for our MovieClub member," said Koay.

Purchase tickets for "Star Trek Beyond" to join the contest.

"The convention is the ultimate destination for every "Star Trek" fan. It is their chance to meet more than 100 Star Trek guest celebrities, ranging from the classic original series right up to the current ones in the rebooted Star Trek films," she added.

During the trip, the lucky winner will get the "exclusive Starfleet access" that includes complimentary return flight and accommodation for 6 nights 7 days in Las Vegas; a reserved seat in the Main Theatre, a state-of-the-art auditorium with a fixed theatrical stage, which is the venue for major guest appearances; admission into the Secondary Program Theatre, to explore the science & wonder of "Star Trek"; and special color-coded wristbands and collector's lanyard for use throughout the convention.

The winner will also receive complimentary "Star Trek" collectors' lanyard credentials; admission to the vendor's room to purchase exclusive "Star Trek" limited edition collectables and souvenirs, only available at the venue; complimentary admission to the famed Saturday Night Gala Celebration, where the highlight is an orchestra performing classic & memorable music and tunes from "Star Trek"; admission to "The Promenade" and "Quark's Bar" with complimentary craft giveaways; and admission to "Star Trek" signer's area with many famed celebrities in attendance.

The official "Star Trek" 50th Anniversary Convention will be held in Las Vegas, USA from 3 to 7 August 2016.

(Photo source: Paramount)

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