"The 5th Wave" not wavering any time soon

"The 5th Wave" not wavering any time soon

"The 5th Wave" takes first place in M'sia and S'pore.

27 Jan – Chloe Grace Moretz-led "The 5th Wave" took number one again at the Malaysia and Singapore weekend box office for 21 to 24 January 2016.

Unfortunately, the movie seems to have been crushed at the U.S. box office, not even making it to the top five spot – landing instead at number six, based on Box Office Mojo stats.

"The Revenant", meanwhile, persevered through the snowy weather and climbed back up a spot to number one. The Leonardo DiCaprio-starring drama movie made another USD16 million in the U.S., bringing its worldwide total to USD224 million to date.

Also up a spot is "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", as it forced its way back up to number two with its USD14 million. The space opera is still the third highest-grossing movie of all time internationally as it currently has a USD1.9 billion worldwide gross.

"Ride Along 2" lost its momentum and swerved down two spots to number three. The comedy only made USD12.4 million last weekend, making its worldwide gross a mere USD70 million at the moment.

M'sia welcomed "The Boy" into its cinemas last weekend.

Over in Malaysia, "The 5th Wave" is still at number one, its position not wavering despite threats from new releases. Horror movie "The Boy" managed to open at number two while "Ride Along 2" cruised in at number three on its opening weekend.

Also still making waves in Singapore is "The 5th Wave", once again placing first. Two new releases conquered the remaining top ranks, with "The Big Short" making a big entrance at number two and "The Tag-Along" tagging along at number three.

Movies also released in Malaysia last weekend are "House Of Wolves", "The Tag-Along", "Exposed", "Norm Of The North", "Airlift", "Kastil Tua" and "No Longer Heroine".

Other new movies in Singapore for last weekend are "Airlift", "Mr. Six", "The Hateful Eight", "Spotlight", "No Longer Heroine", "Mat Moto: Kami Mat Moto Bukan Mat Rempit" and "Nannaku Prematho".

Box office takings for the weekend just gone 
(21 January -24 January 2016)

1) The 5th Wave
2) The Boy
3) Ride Along 2
4)  Dilwale
5)  House Of Wolves
6)   Rajini Murugan
7)  Mat Moto: Kami Mat Moto Bukan Mat Rempit
8)   Ip Man 3
9)  The Tag-Along
10)  Exposed
1) The 5th Wave
2) The Big Short
3) The Tag-Along
4)  Ip Man 3
5)  Spotlight
6) The Hateful Eight
7)  Star Wars: The Force Awakens
8)  The Danish Girl
9)  Mr. Six
10)  The Forest


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