Umie Aida misses playing serious roles

Umie Aida misses playing serious roles

Datin Umie Aida just finished filming the second season of drama series "Mak Cun".

17 May – Actress Datin Seri Umie Aida admits that she misses playing more serious roles, especially ones that would require her to shed a tear or two onscreen.

This is because the last time the actress played such a role was back in 2010, in the drama "Air Mata Nur Salina", which was roughly six years ago.

"After a few years of not playing with my emotions, the desire to cry again, or to be more precise, to portray a serious role, is burning," said the actress to BH Online.

In recent years, the "Jwanita" actress has been playing a more comedic role in popular drama series, "Mak Cun", where she plays a silly character named Zeenat Manisah.

The 43-year-old added that she does not deny the possibility that directors or producers are afraid to offer serious roles to her as she is now more synonymous with comedic roles.

When asked about her latest development, Umie revealed that she has just recently finished filming the second season of Erma Fatima-directed "Mak Cun".

She will also be expanding her business with plans to launch a detox juice after the upcoming Aildilfitri.

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