"Hanyut" launches giant poster in KL

"Hanyut" launches giant poster in KL

Director U-Wei (Left) said he had a hunch that "Hanyut" would open this year.

13 Oct – After more than four years of waiting, the U-Wei Haji Saari-directed "Hanyut" will finally make it into local cinemas come 24 November.

Prior to its release, the movie production rolled out a surprise in the form of a giant 100 feet poster, which was launched yesterday and is now on display at the Cahaya Suria building, located between Jalan Tun Perak and Jalan Silang.

"I know many can't wait to watch the movie in cinemas since it started promotion and after the trailer was released.

"We faced a lot of challenges since the first day of filming until it wrapped up," said the director during the poster's launching ceremony at AnCasa Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur.

The giant "Hanyut" poster can be seen displayed on the side of the Cahaya Suria building in KL.

U-Wei added that he believes his work is special and worth a watch by everyone.

Talking about the issue that delayed the release of the RM18 million movie, U-Wei explained that he had tried his best to release the movie earlier but several unavoidable problems arose and caused the delay.

However, he believed that whatever had happened happened for a reason and had a hunch that this was the right moment to screen the movie.

The Tanah Licin Sdn Bhd production features a cast that includes Adi Putra, Diana Danielle, Datin Sofia Jane, Peter O'Brian, Khalid Salleh, James Corley and Bront Palarae.

Even though the movie will only be released here this November, it had previously been screened in Indonesia in 2014.

In fact, it had also premiered at various international film festivals including Southeast Asian Film Festival Singapore, Asian Film Festival Canberra, 8th Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival Jogjakarta, Indonesia and 7th Five Flavours Festival in Warsaw.

"Hanyut" was also nominated for the Best Screenplay award at the Asia Pacific Screen Award in Brisbane, Australia.

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