"Abang Long Fadil 2" rakes in RM5 million!

"Abang Long Fadil 2" rakes in RM5 million!

Can "Abang Long Fadil 2", starring Zizan Razak and Dato' AC Mizal, continue its good run
to RM10 million?

30 Aug – Action-comedy film "Abang Long Fadil 2" has broken its first record by raking in RM5 million after just five days of nationwide screening.

The success of the film helmed by Syafiq Yusof is already anticipated with the previous film generating so much hype.

In this movie, Syafiq came up with a completely different storyline having only Zizan Razak from the previous cast to reprise his role as Abang Long Fadil.

"Abang Long Fadil 2" has started its good run with the success of taking in more than RM300 thousand at its sneak peek screening.

Centring on Fadil who is accused of being a hitman, murdering tens of victims, the story unravels as he requests the help of a crime journalist to find the true perpetrator.

Besides Zizan, the Skop Production and Astro Shaw-produced film also features Tania Hudson, Syamsul Yusof, Achey, Shuib and Wak Doyok.

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