"ALF2" nearing RM16 million at the box office

"ALF2" nearing RM16 million at the box office

Despite "Abang Long Fadil 2's" success, Syafiq Yusof does not have high hopes in winning any awards at FFM 29.

15 Sep – Talented young director Syafiq Yusof is on cloud nine and grateful for fans' support as his latest film, "Abang Long Fadil 2" ("ALF2"), is currently nearing RM16 million at the local box office since its first screening on 24 August.

"I am very thankful to God and the fans as the movie managed to receive such a hot response from the audience. Truth be told, I was worried at first when I saw only four people at the cinema for "ALF2's" first screening at KLCC.

"But then, imagine my surprise when I was told several days later that the film has taken in millions of ringgit after just a week of screening," he said to Cinema Online during the 29th Malaysia Film Festival (FFM 29) press conference at the Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur recently.

The director also voiced his concern over some individuals who Facebook-Live the film while it was airing in the cinema – an action that could potentially hurt the movie's collection. He hoped that some action could be taken by the authorities to either reprimand or punish them.

Despite having two films, "Desolasi" and "Abang Long Fadil 2", competing in this year's Malaysia Film Festival (FFM 29), Syafiq is said to place more hope in the former to win in the ceremony.

"I have hope for "Desolasi" in FFM 29 with it being a rather unique work than the more commercial "Abang Long Fadil 2".

"However, I'm not having high hopes in landing any awards. I'll be content and proud if any of my films managed to get into the Top 5 list."

(Photo source: Syafiq Yusof's Twitter)

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