"Bad Boys 3" hits another roadblock

"Bad Boys 3" hits another roadblock

Things are not looking up for the "Bad Boys".

9 Mar – The third instalment of the "Bad Boys" movie series has hit yet another bump in the road, this time in the form of a director issue.

Director Joe Carnahan ("The A-Team") was originally attached to helm, but recent development reveals that Carnahan has left the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The director has also written the most recent draft of the script. So his departure might signal not only the need for a new helmer but also a new writer.

"Bad Boys" fans have been hyped up for the third movie ever since star Martin Lawrence announced that it was in the making back in 2014.

Will Smith's return as one half of the buddy cop duo had been uncertain at first but fast forward a couple of years later, it was revealed that both Lawrence and Smith will reprise their starring roles and the movie was to be called "Bad Boys for Life".

Getting the project off the ground had not been easy, Sony Pictures had had to shift the release dates several times, moving it from its 2017 slots to an early 2018 slot and finally settling for a November 2018 release.

The search for a new director is already underway. Smith and Lawrence are still signed on to star and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who also produced the first and second instalments, is also still in the project.

Carnahan, meanwhile, will be focusing his effort on directing the Hollywood remake of the Indonesian action hit, "The Raid".

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