CO Movie Day: "Patriots Day"

CO Movie Day: "Patriots Day"

Here are some of the winners of "Patriots Day" contest!

11 Jan – Mark Wahlberg-starrer "Patriots Day" is set to be screened in cinemas nationwide starting tomorrow, 12 January 2017, but winners of Cinema Online contest had the chance to catch the premiere of the mystery thriller yesterday at TGV, One Utama shopping mall.

Based on the book "Boston Strong" by Casey Sherman, the movie is about the true incident of Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath of the tragedy.

The movie passes is in the form of a marathon bib.

"I love movies that are inspired by true stories, and I'm also a huge fan of Mark Wahlberg!" exclaimed one of the winners, Nasrul Fareed Bin Nordin.

"I know all of his movies, from "The Italian Job" to "Transformers" – I've watched it all!" he added.

Nasrul and his friend posing for the camera.

Husband and wife Ee Hock Chuan and Lee Eng Seng, each won a pair of movie passes!

As expected, most of the winners who came to watch the screening are mostly fans of Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg, but at the same time, there are others who are interested in the movie due to the exciting plot.

"Of course, Mark Wahlberg is the main reason why I want to watch this movie, but another reason is because of the marathon incident, I would really love to see how the film portrays it," said Eric Lim Heng Lee when asked about why he want to watch the movie.

Look at the huge smile on Eric's face!

Arvind Singh Sidhu and his partner are excited to catch movie as well.

"I'm the type that doesn't like to read the synopsis or watch the trailer of a movie. I think not knowing what will happen is the best thing about watching a movie," another winner, Sky Sew Chin Chye commented.

By the way, Sky is also a fan of Mark Wahlberg.

Mohd Nor Fahmi and his partner are ready to watch the movie!

Iszmir won a pair of passes for himself but he also claims five other pairs of passes for his
friends who also won the contest – so he holds a total of 12 passes in his hands!

Directed by Peter Berg, "Patriots Day" follows Boston Police Department Sergeant Tommy Saunders who joins the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists behind the Boston Marathon bombing.

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