Get your films funded with "Think City Johor Bahru Film Grants"

Get your films funded with "Think City Johor Bahru Film Grants"

Film grants and training opportunities will be provided to the independent filmmakers.

11 Jul – Community-focused organisation Think City is calling out all aspiring and independent filmmakers to join their new programme, "Think City Johor Bahru Film Grants".

Set to kick off in 20 July 2017, the programme will offer film grants to local, independent filmmakers, as well as provide training opportunities for them to enhance their scriptwriting, production and exhibition skills through workshops.

To be eligible for the grant, filmmakers need to showcase their creativity through short films which have the potential to expand into larger films, while at the same time showcasing elements that can be used to boost Johor tourism.

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Grants are awarded based on location setting, choice of lead characters, and representation of Johor cultural heritage and diversity.

The short films will be judged by an advisory panel of local, seasoned film critics, directors, writers and producers.

In collaboration with Rizhophora Ventures, Multimedia University, Johor Bahru International Festival City, Johor Tourism and Vidsee, interested applicants may submit their applications online before 20 July 2017.

Successful applicants will be invited to showcase their shorts at the Johor Bahru Film Festival 2017 this coming October.

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