"Godzilla vs Kong" has found its director!

"Godzilla vs Kong" has found its director!

The two main monsters of the MonsterVerse will inevitably clash in "Godzilla vs Kong".

31 May – Adam Wingard, the director of Netflix's upcoming adaptation of "Death Note" has recently signed on to direct the highly anticipated conclusion of Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros.' MonsterVerse, "Godzilla vs. King Kong".

Choosing Wingard to helm the movie is an interesting choice, since he is mostly known for creating low-budget horrors such as "You're Next", "The Guest", "V/H/S" and "Blair Witch" with "Death Note" being his biggest production to date.

The MonsterVerse franchise kick-started with 2014's "Godzilla", which was the first movie to feature the titular monster in 10 years, and was followed up with this year's "Kong: Skull Island" which introduced King Kong to the franchise.

Both movies were a massive hit with critics and monster movie fans alike.

The post-credit scene for "Kong: Skull Island" had Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston's characters being shown the nuclear blast that created Godzilla, thus connecting the two movies and establishing the fact that Godzilla and King Kong are a part of the same cinematic universe and will inevitably clash.

They were also shown cave drawings of iconic monsters King Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan, three monsters confirmed to appear in the next instalment of the MonsterVerse, "Godzilla: King of Monsters".

Not much is known about the plot of "Godzilla: King of Monsters", which is currently still in production and is set to be released on 22 March 2019 in America, though the cast is set to include Millie Bobby Brown ("Stranger Things"), Vera Farmiga ("The Conjuring"), Kyle Chandler ("Manchester By The Sea"), O'Shea Jackson Jr. ("Straight Outta Compton"), Aisha Hinds ("Runaway Island"), Anthony Ramos ("White Girl") and, its most recent addition, Charles Dance ("Game of Thrones").

Not much is known about "Godzilla vs Kong" either, aside from the 22 May 2020 release date and its new director, though Legendary just recently commissioned a writers' room of some of the industry's top talent to develop the movie: Terry Rossio ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), J. Michael Straczynski ("World War Z") and Patrick McKay ("Star Trek Beyond").

Hopefully more details will be revealed about these two movies soon.

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