Malaysia loses legendary actor Jins Shamsuddin

Malaysia loses legendary actor Jins Shamsuddin

The recent passing of Tan Sri Dr Jins Shamsuddin marks the loss of another Malaysian film legend.

2 Mar – The local entertainment industry is left in shock following the news of legendary actor Tan Sri Dr Jins Shamsuddin's sudden passing on Wednesday evening.

Jins breathed his last at the age of 81 on 5.45pm, after choking while having a meal at his family residence in Hulu Klang.

"Father was having tea and when he was eating the cekodok, he choked on it. Seeing father's condition, mother quickly took him to a nearby clinic.

"However, he was pronounced dead at the clinic," said son Putera Hang Jebat to BH Online.

Meanwhile, Jins' wife, Puan Sri Halijah Abdullah, admitted that she felt aggrieved and guilty for her husband's sudden passing.

According to Halijah, she knew the late actor liked cekodok very much and she had the notion to buy it for him, and on the actor's fourth bite, he went silent, and at that moment she had the feeling that his husband might have choked.

She added that she then patted him on the back but he did not want to open his mouth, until she had to call a neighbour to help bring him to a nearby clinic.

On the way to the clinic, she tried calling his name several times but received no reply, and she felt that he had passed away by then. Once they arrived at the clinic, Jins' death was confirmed.

The late actor's funeral was held earlier today.

During his long career span as an actor, Jins had appeared in more than 40 movies, including a "James Bond" style movie called "Gerak Kilat", in which he played a spy named Jefri Zain.

Apart from acting, Jins had also directed several titles such as "Menanti Hari Esok", "Bukit Kepong", "Ali Setan", "Esok Masih Ada" and "Balada".

(Photo source: choratchoret)