Josh Gad teases possible supervillain role

Josh Gad teases possible supervillain role

Josh Gad, most recently seen as LeFou in "Beauty And The Beast".

4 May – Everyone knows who really stole the show in "Frozen" and "Beauty and the Beast", two of the most talked about movies of their year. Everyone loved Josh Gad's performances in both.

Now, get ready to love him more as he steals the show in the Ben Affleck-starrer, "The Batman", as none other than the supervillain called The Penguin.


Well, there was no official announcement about it. Actually, all we got is a post on Josh Gad's Twitter which shows a picture of The Penguin from the comic books.

If Gad only did it for no other reason than to get everyone talking about it-because you know he's not above doing something like that just for the fun of it-then he's succeeded.

Because everyone is talking about it. Forget Kim Kardashian's butt, Josh Gad has broken the internet with just this one Twitter post, without even having to exceed the 140 character limit.

Josh Gad's wordless Tweet (Photo source: Josh Gad's Twitter.)

DCEU fans especially are going insane over this. Is this some kind of hint? Is Josh Gad really going to play The Penguin? Wait, The Penguin is going to appear in "The Batman"? Or is it some other DCEU movie? More importantly, does Ben Affleck know about this and can he confirm it for us?

Well, not everyone responded to this with questions. Most replied with a short 'congrats' and some variation of an expression of happiness.

Some only replied with memes, pictures and gifs, as a way of showing exactly what their thoughts are to this. But really, it's those with more to say that truly come off as downright hilarious. Like:

A fan Tweeted: "Don't be a tease Josh. You are the chosen one" and then ends it with seven penguin emoticons and a gif of Will Smith looking surprised.

Another fan replied: "I'm reading into this, hardcore.'re going to be playing Catwoman, aren't you?" and to that, someone replied: "Josh Gad in latex yum"

Well, despite the jokes, most people are very curious and want to know if this is true or not and they want to know now. Because really, no one on the internet has the patience to find out on the day they see the movie (which is yet to have an official release date, by the way).

Patience is for losers.

Those who don't know, The Penguin is one of Batman's oldest and most well-known enemies with a thing for umbrellas. His real name is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. In 1992's "Batman Returns", he was played by acting legend, Danny DeVito, while Robin Lord Taylor plays him in the popular Warner Bros.' TV series, "Gotham".

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