"KL24: Zombies" is now available online!

"KL24: Zombies" is now available online!

These people are ready to fight off some zombies!

9 Jan – Malaysia's very own indie zombie film, "KL24: Zombies" has finally debuted on YouTube.

Directed by three talented Malaysian directors; James Lee, Gavin Yap and Shamaine Othman, the 90 minute feature length film is told from three different perspectives about a terrible zombie outbreak that occurs in Malaysia.

Due to the increasing popularity of zombie-genre films and series like "Train to Busan" and "The Walking Dead", Lee decided to take on a new challenge by creating a zombie film with strong Malaysian elements.

Directors of "KL24: Zombies"(L-R) Gavin Yap, James Lee and Shamaine Othman.

"We want to do something that is rarely done in Malaysia, that's why we chose a zombie genre," said the independent director James Lee when met at the gala premiere of "KL24: Zombies" at mmCineplexes, eCurve on Sunday, 8 January 2017.

The film is also the first ever feature film that has been released on YouTube for free-viewing online, aiming to showcase the talents of independent filmmakers and creates public awareness about independent films to encourage people to support them.

"Because we knew that we were making something for YouTube, the thinking and creative process that goes into it is very different from the input in a commercial project," said Gavin Yap, who previously directed mystery drama, "Take Me to Dinner".

All of the cast from the movie.

"KL24: Zombies" tells a story about the first 24 hours of zombie outbreak in Malaysia as seen from three different points of view; the chaos that takes place when the outbreak first began, a story revolving a man with four wives where his youngest wife has been infected, and a Chinese family along with a Malay girl who has to come together to fend off the infection when it arrives at their doorsteps.

"The film is like an anti-zombie film but with zombies in a really bizarre way," Shamaine Othman commented.

Enabled by Malaysia's crowdbacking platform, webe, "KL24: Zombies" stars Sharifah Amani, Azman Hassan, Pete Teo, Joseph Germani, Sue Tan, Fatimah Abu Bakar, Benji Lim, Thor Kah Hoong, and more.

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