MBO Cinemas introduces Malaysia's first 4D motion seats

MBO Cinemas introduces Malaysia's first 4D motion seats

The MX4D Motion Seats is the first cinema 4D technology in Malaysia.

7 Apr – Malaysian cinema chain MBO Cinemas is upping their game by bringing in the first ever 4D cinema technology, MX4D Motion Seats, to their latest cinema at The Starling shopping mall.

This MBO will be the new flagship location.

In collaboration with Californian entertainment systems integrator MediaMation, the MX4D Motion Seats provides an immersive environment, where cinemagoers can actually "feel" the action on the screen from the built-in motion and effects in the seats and theatre around them.

Some of the effects of MX4D include: front-back and left-right motion, wind, air and water blasts, rumbler, seat popper, back poker, leg and neck tickler, scent, and also the effects from the halls itself like wind, fog and strobe lights.

Cinema Online was one of the first to test the motion seats.

The technology is somewhat like the South Korean established 4DX technology which was supposed to make its debut at the upcoming CGV Cinemas at Empire City Damansara, but it has been delayed indefinitely.

Tickets for the MX4D Motion Seats are priced at RM20 each, and the hall is also combined together with MBO Premier (luxury seats), making the hall home to 64 motion seats and 48 premiere seats altogether.

Pregnant ladies and underage children are not allowed to sit on the motion seats.

MBO Premier provides a luxurious setting for cinemagoers, which includes a reclining sofa leather chair and movable table facing a wall to wall screen.

There are two Premier halls at MBO The Starling and the tickets are priced at RM45 inclusive of refreshments.

There are two MBO Premier halls at MBO The Starling.

The new cinema also offers MBO Kecil, a new concept hall playing only cartoon and animated movies that serves as a dedicated space catering to parents and their children from all ages.

The playground is located right under the projector screen

The hall features an indoor playground for kids to play, and the seats are in three tiers – the top row has the Kecil Sofabed, a single-bed-like seat for infants or younger children to nap on, the middle row is for the normal seats, and the bottom row is the bean bag seats.

The Kecil Sofabeds.

The normal seats.

The bean bags seats.

Compared to the other halls, the MBO Kecil hall is slightly brighter to make it easier for parents to see their children, and for children to freely run around.

Lastly, in partnership with BARCO, who is known for their flagship laser RGB projector, MBO The Starling also introduces MBO Big Screen which has advanced image quality with outstanding brightness, high contrast, and superior colour performance.

The hall is considered one of the biggest in Malaysia.

Known to be one of the biggest cinema halls in the country, MBO Big Screen has 400 seats with a projector screen that stretches out at 20 meters wide and 11 meters in height, and is coupled with the Dolby Atmos surround system.

This is the second MBO Big Screen in Malaysia after MBO Melaka Mall.

In addition to all the brand new features at the cinema in The Starling, MBO is breaking tradition even with their concession offerings with the introduction of Cafecito, a unique coffeehouse-themed concession stand serving fancy beverages and light snacks, complete with a small playground for children.

The coffeehouse is from Chicago, specialising in pressed Cuban sandwiches plus salads, platters and more.

"We are happy to announce that this new concept will allow urban audiences to choose how they want to view a movie. They could either bring the whole family, indulge in a luxurious setting, or have a more experiential journey with state-of-the-art technology," said Mariam Yazmin El Bacha, Director of Operations for MBO Cinemas.

Since 2005, MBO Cinemas has expanded its operations to 191 digitalised projectors in a total of 26 cinemas nationwide.

They plan to open up more cinemas at 4 new locations and 44 screens by 2017, totalling to 29 locations and 227 screens.

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