"Mrs K" is Kara Hui's last action film

"Mrs K" is Kara Hui's last action film

Director Ho YuHang and Hong Kong actress Kara Hui at the press conference for "Mrs K".

24 Aug – To the despair of many, legendary action film star Kara Hui gifts fans the upcoming movie "Mrs K" along with the announcement that she is retiring from action cinema.

"I would like to think of "Mrs K" as my retirement trophy from the action genre. I personally don't think that I can perform as best as I used to during action scenes," said Hui during the press conference of "Mrs K" at GSC 1 Utama yesterday.

"I have also been consistently offered roles in action movies because of my 10-year experience acting in that genre. However, in line with the experience, I have also suffered a lot of injuries. When I think about the future, I would rather stop now than to cause inconvenience to others," she added.

The iconic Hong Kong actress of Shaw Brothers Studio fame claimed that the only reason she took part in the film was because of its director, Ho YuHang, whom she had collaborated with back in 2009.

"The only reason I agree to "Mrs K" is because YuHang is the director. No matter how many pains or injuries I will suffer, I would still say yes," she said.

Award-winning Malaysian director Ho YuHang has previously been credited for the revival of the three times Hong Kong Film Award's Best Actress winner's career, thanks to their collaboration in "At the End of Daybreak".

Kara Hui talking about her gratitude towards director Ho YuHang.

"Mrs. K", which was shot in the area of Klang Valley, Malaysia during the end of 2015, also features Malaysian actor Faizal Hussein, who has won the 2013 Malaysian Film Festival's Best Actor for his role in the movie "Bunohan".

"The hardest part for me is not to hurt the leading lady (Kara Hui)," Faizal jokingly said when asked about the challenges he had during production.

Revolving around the seemingly normal life of a housewife, Mrs. K, the movie takes audiences on an action-filled ride when her daughter is kidnapped by people from her past.

"Mrs K" features an A-list cast that also include Simon Yam, Taiwanese rockstar Wu Bai, and fresh-faced newcomer, Siow Li Xuan.

The cast and crew of "Mrs K".

"Mrs K" recently opened for the Osaka Asian Film Festival and previously had its world premiere at Busan International Film Festival last October. It also made its Asian premiere at the 27th Singapore International Film Festival.

Say your goodbye to Kara Hui's action scenes, when "Mrs K" opens in Malaysia this 7 September.

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