Is Chris Nolan directing the next James Bond movie?

Is Chris Nolan directing the next James Bond movie?

Daniel Craig as James Bond in the latest "James Bond" instalment, "Spectre".

5 May – This year marks an interesting and uncertain time in the history of the "James Bond" franchise.

Previously, its distribution rights were being fought over by five studios, since Sony's contract over the rights to Agent 007 expired after the release of "Spectre", but that isn't the only exciting thing surrounding James Bond.

Recently, Birth.Movies.Death editor, Phil Nobile Jr., tweeted a screen shot of IMDb Pro's overview of Christopher Nolan's production company, Syncopy.

The overview includes a list of Syncopy's projects in development and, interestingly, at the very top of the list was the title "Bond 25"-as in, the 25th James Bond movie.

While Nobile first thought the listing was inaccurate, further digging done by a James Bond fan Twitter account, Bond 25, suggested the information to be true.

The account user says that they contacted IMDb Pro to verify its authenticity and the company said that the listing was accurate.

Though, it should be noted that since then "Bond 25" has been removed from Syncopy's IMDb Pro page.

So what does this mean? Whether this is merely an error of inaccuracy or the actual truth, it cannot be denied that a James Bond movie directed by Nolan-because Nolan is known to both direct and produce most of Syncopy's movies-would be a movie no one wants to miss.

Nolan is one of the best filmmakers in Hollywood who's produced, written and directed many successes, including "Batman Begins", "Inception" and "Interstellar". His movies aren't known for their eroticism, so it would be interesting to see how he would tackle James Bond, a franchise that is mostly known for its sensuality.

He might bring back Daniel Craig, who was reportedly offered USD150 million to return as 007, or he might bring in long-time colleague and friend Tom Hardy, who has said that he'd be interested in seeing a Bond movie directed by Nolan.

Since nothing has been confirmed, all we can do is speculate, since it is still unclear on who will be involved in the next James Bond movie or when it will happen.

For now, you can look forward to the latest Nolan and Hardy team-up in the World War II movie, "Dunkirk", coming out 20 July in Malaysia and Singapore and on 21 July in Cambodia.

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