Red Ranger standee goes missing from cinema

Red Ranger standee goes missing from cinema

Go, go find the Red Ranger!

24 Mar – Maybe someone is so happy that "Power Rangers" is allowed to screen in Malaysian cinemas, he or she decided to keep a memento of the powerful moment. Social media has been abuzz with the "abduction" of the Red Ranger – well, the standee version of him – from GSC Mid Valley.

TGV Pictures, the distributor of the movie in Malaysia, first broke the news of the ranger going missing by posting a funny message on Facebook: Jason (Red Ranger), why you lari dari rumah... come home fast...."

The distributor asks anyone who knows of the missing ranger's whereabouts to inform them or bring the standee back to the cinema.

GSC Cinemas also posted on its Facebook, "BREAKING NEWS!! Red Ranger went missing from GSC Mid Valley! No joke, this is true. If you don't believe admin, you can go and have a look now.

"Help us locate the Red Ranger! If not the other four Ranger damn emo liao."

D'oh! Mischievous thieves caught stealing a Homer Simpson figurine.

This is not the first time Malaysia fans got so excited about a movie, they decided that they must have something related to the movie to keep as souvenir, even if it was an illegal one.

A similar thing happened ten years ago in 2007, when a Homer Simpson figurine was sneaked out of a cinema in Kuala Lumpur. Fortunately for the cinema, the culprits were caught and the figurine was soon recovered thanks to the CCTV that recorded the whole "attempted abduction".

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