Release date confirmed for "It" sequel

Release date confirmed for "It" sequel

Brace yourself to face the evil Pennywise again in the sequel.

26 Sep – After shattering box office records everywhere, the sequel to "It" has finally gotten its official release date.

It seems the studio is sticking with the same marketing effort by remaining with a September launch as opposed to moving to a different month, as reported by Deadline.

A follow-up movie has always been on sight as the filmmakers have only adapted one half of the massive Stephen King book, but its unprecedented performance of closing nearly a half billion worldwide and being the largest horror film ever in America's cinematic history definitely put a lock on the idea.

The sequel to "It" is now scheduled to hit the big screen in North America on 6 September 2019.

Focusing on the story of how a group of friends band together to fight against their small town's demon Pennywise, the original book switches the perspective of The Losers' Club between their young and older selves.

New Line instead structured the big screen portrayal as having the first film focusing on the children, setting it in the past, while the sequel will take place in the present with flashback scenes of The Losers' Club in their younger days.

No words yet on who will play the adult versions of The Losers' Club.

"I always thought that the kids' storyline was more interesting than the adults, but I also appreciate the fact that there is a dialogue between the two timeline," director Andy Muschietti previously said to Slashfilm.

"But I always insisted that if there is a second part, there would be a dialogue between the two timelines, and that it would be approached like the adult life of the losers, there would be flashbacks that sort of illuminate events that are not told in the first one."

In addition to staying in the same release month, the studio is also bringing back the previous creative team with one of its screenwriters, Gary Dauberman, now attached to pen the sequel's screenplay while the rest of the team is expected to return as well.

There have been conflicting reports of Muschietti's return to the sequel, though it is very likely that he will be back in the director's chair as he has discussed the follow-up in detail before on more than one occasion.

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