Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in R-rated musical

Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in R-rated musical

Channing Tatum (left) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt team up for an R-rated musical comedy.

27 Mar – Last year, Joseph Gordon-Levitt revealed that he and good buddy Channing Tatum will be teaming up again for a big screen flick, this time in the form of a musical comedy.

Now, Variety is reporting that the movie, "Wingmen", may be directed by Gordon-Levitt himself.

The actor-director is currently in talks to helm the Universal Pictures title, which is based on the pitch by Gordon-Levitt and "21 Jump Street" writer Michael Bacall that the studio landed last year.

The upcoming movie will not be any musical comedy either, as it is set to be R-rated.

"Wingmen" tells of two pilots who crash in Las Vegas, where they start to cover Billboard 100-style hits in what is dubbed as a "Pitch Perfect" meets "Book of Mormon"-style adventure.

This will be Gordon-Levitt's second feature directorial effort, after 2013's "Don Jon", which also saw him working together with Tatum, who appeared in the flick's movie-within-a-movie "Someone Special".

The duo also previously acted together in 2009's "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" (2009), 2008's "Stop-Loss" and 2005's "Havoc".

Pulling off a musical comedy won't be a tough cracker for the two as both have proven that they are more than capable of singing and dancing. Tatum showed off his dancing chops in "Step Up" (2006) and singing and tap-dancing number in "Hail, Caesar!" (2016), while Gordon-Levitt showcased his vocal skills on his Pivot show "HitRecord".

Production on the movie is not expected to begin anytime soon as Tatum will start filming for "Triple Frontier" with Tom Hardy. Gordon-Levitt, last seen playing the highly-acclaimed titular role in "Snowden", is developing several projects such as "Fraggle Rock," "Sovereign," "K Troop," and "In Sight."

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